Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What will I learn?

For the first part of your karate journey we concentrate on skills which can be characterised as evading, or moving and counter attacking. Later we introduce you to techniques which can be really effective in a domestic physical violence confrontation, should you ever be unfortunate enough to be in such a position. Techniques, form and posture are important and taught in a way which encourages the individual to maximise their potential. There is recognition that, although "body shapes and techniques" are important, so too is the understanding and spirit that students only experience through regular practice.

What style of karate do you teach?

At Zenshin dojo we practice a blend of traditional karate as taught by karate master Shigeru Egami. Shotokai as practised by Harada sensei and Koryu Uchinadi as developed by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.
Master Egami believed that power and penetration could be achieved without physical tension therefore a relaxed body and calm state of mind is very important. There are many styles of karate each offering something a little different. The phrase "horses for courses" springs to mind as some will be more suitable for what you want than others.

Do you take part in competitions?

Traditional Karate has a more personal philosophy and is not a sport. Although a healthy and natural desire to do well against others is often present, the only real competition is with you!

How fit will I need to be?

The term fitness is a relative thing.  One person's fitness is another person's fatness.  Whatever your base of personal fitness (however defined) it will be improved with the exercises we do.  General warm-ups are performed, along with specific stretching and every reasonable care is taken to ensure that people work at or a little above their own personal pace.

Friends of mine have come back from Karate lessons "black and blue". Will I?

We've come back to "horses for courses". If that's what you want then there are places to find it. Personally, we are not convinced this approach adds much to the learning experience. Techniques will be taught that can do injury if used offensively, although you will learn them at distances that are appropriate to your personal level of skill. You will be learning the art of what a Chinese General, Sun Tsu, in 500BC phrased "the art of war is to render your opponent incapable before you have to fight him". Karate as practised in Zenshin dojo is all about stopping the fight before it starts.

Is there a grading structure?

Yes, based on a coloured belt system set out below:

Belt Grade Belt Grade
Red 6th Kyu 1st Dan
Yellow 5th Kyu 2nd Dan
Orange 4th Kyu 3rd Dan
Green 3rd Kyu 4th Dan
Blue 2nd Kyu 5th Dan
Brown 1st Kyu    

Interested in learning more?

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